How I go about things

Because this isn’t really down anywhere, this is a quick overview of the core promises I make as part of my business.

My promise to clients:

i will never bullshit you:

Nobody likes being taken for a ride or being promised things that are never going to happen. I promise to be open, upfront and honest with you with everything I do, make decisions that are in the best interests of my clients, and to never make a promise that I don’t genuinely intend to deliver on. I also promise clear and transparent communication in plain english, with no gotcha clauses hidden in fine print ever.

everyone will be treated equally; except for assholes, egomaniacs and people that love nickleback:

I love my job, mostly because by-and-large everyone that I come across in the wedding industry are truly remarkable people. So I can continue to love my job, I don’t want to work with;

  1. people that are assholes,

  2. people that think their ego or the instagram moment is more important than the wedding, and

  3. people that love nickleback (i.e. have proven that they have truly awful taste in music).

Other than that, I promise that I will never discriminate based on ethnicity, appearance, gender, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, football team you support, or any other reason.

I’ll have your back if things go wrong:

My dad (who is also an awful golfer) told me when I was a much younger man; that the big between a professional golfer and an amateur golfer is not how often they hit a bad shot and get into trouble, rather, it’s what they do with their next shot that truly separates them. The professional will have a pre-prepared plan in place for that situation, know exactly what to do in that situation and know exactly how to do it. Most of the time, the professional will get out of the spot of trouble without any impact on their scorecard, whereas the amateur will get out of trouble some times, but more often than not they won’t.

Now I’m a bit older, I’ve been thinking that perhaps not only he was talking a bit more metaphorically than I realised at the time (taking my 5th shot out of a deep bunker), but also that he was right (not that I’d ever admit that to him).

Fast forward to today, and while I can’t promise you that nothing will go wrong on your wedding day or that I will never make a mistake; what I can promise you is that I’m prepared, I will have a plan, I will throw everything I have at fixing the problem and most of the time there won’t be any impact on your wedding as a whole. In short, what this actually means is that I have your back and I will do everything in my power to ensure anything that may go wrong doesn’t impact on your wedding as a whole.

My promise to other vendors:

To give Credit where credit is due:

A key plank in the development of my reputation has been to always give credit where credit is due.

As such I have always given credit and acknowledged / tagged every vendor that I work with where appropriate (assuming I am aware of their involvement); whether it be the photographer who took the photos that I am now using on my website or the make-up artist I didn’t even have the chance to meet. I ask that all other vendors do the same and I will not advertise with, nor participate in any publication that routinely omits vendors that contributed to the weddings that are being profiled.

I will always also offer to pay for Intellectual Property or other Work Product, repay favours, give shout outs

To recommend the shit out of you if you’re the kind of person I want to work with:

The kind of people that I want to work with are:

  • inclusive, supportive, flexible, adaptive and try hard to do their best.

  • the kind of people that pitch in when others need help, value other vendors work and put their clients interests before their own.

  • willing to cooperate with others and give credit when credit is due.

It also helps if you’re a genuinely cool person who is fun to spend time with, because, hopefully we’ll be spending a fair bit of time together.

I’m in this for the long haul:

I’ve been a full-time celebrant for a couple of years now and I intend to still be a full-time celebrant in a couple of decades. I take my business and my relationships seriously, I want to build partnerships, I want to make your life easier where I can and I want to act ethically and with integrity.