Traditional(ish) ceremony packages

Two simple packages | One amazing wedding

My entire career as a celebrant has been a conflict between two points of view when it comes to price:

  1. Providing the best possible level of service I can to provide to my clients,

  2. Providing a service that is competitive with other celebrants fees and couple’s expectations of what a celebrant costs.

I’ve taken almost every approach I can think of to find a middle ground, but none of them have worked.
So I now simply offer two packages, one for each point of view: A tailored package and a signature package.

I honestly believe that my tailored ceremony package is one of the best value-for-money celebrant packages available, however, if you’re willing to invest a little more in your celebrant;
it’s my signature package that is winning me awards and referrals from past clients, their guests, other vendors & venues.

A quick note on pricing

I no longer charge a fixed price for my packages as there are a range of factors that are unique to each enquiry that I receive and I want to be able to tailor my pricing based on these factors.
While I give indicative pricing below, this is based on the average wedding. The quote I give you may be higher or lower than the indicative range.

Tailored Package

An amazing ceremony package based on a winning formula that you can tailor in several important ways that provides exceptional value for money for couples that are happy for me to do what I do best.

A killer ceremony package

This package is designed for couples that just want a relaxed, engaging ceremony, delivered by one of Brisbane’s best celebrants and want to be relatively hands-off on the planning process.

My Tailored Package includes:

  • The services of one of ‘The Wedding Diaries’ best 25 celebrants in Brisbane & an Easy Weddings 5 star rated suppler.

  • A charismatic and relaxed celebrant that takes a different approach to wedding ceremonies that is fresh and unique.

  • A killer wedding ceremony that is tailored to you and your preferences in several important ways that you control.

  • Advice on writing and editing your personalised vows so they’re the highlight of the ceremony.

  • My best-in-class Bose S1 Pro PA System with wireless mic & bluetooth connectivity.

  • Music (my playlist or yours) before the ceremony and I will press play for the key songs during the ceremony.

  • A local briefing coffee/drink with your VIPs before the wedding to settle any nerves and give instructions.

  • Unlimited online support (phone, skype or DM) in the lead up to and after the wedding, and

  • All of the obvious things you’d expect from a celebrant (i.e. paperwork, legals, solemnisation & registration).

However, there are some restrictions, specifically that the tailored package is only available in the Brisbane Metro Area and the ceremony must start and finish between either; 12 pm - 2 pm, 2 pm - 4 pm or 4 pm - 6 pm.

Indicative fee range

The typical fee for a tailored package is between $725 - $975 (excluding possible travel charges).

Signature Package

My full service package for couples that want a unique wedding ceremony, unbeatable support in the lead up to the wedding and all the little touches that make a wedding ceremony truly exceptional.

Photo: Bonnie Jenkins Venue: Obi Obi Hall

Photo: Bonnie Jenkins
Venue: Obi Obi Hall

The complete package

This package is designed for couples that consider the ceremony and their relationship with the celebrant a priority for their wedding or want a premium level of service, all the little touches on the day and priority access for meetings and support.

My Signature Package includes everything from the tailored package plus:

  • The option to have a truly “blank page” bespoke wedding ceremony (excluding the mandatory wording).

  • Exclusivity on the day of the wedding (i.e. I won’t take meetings or other bookings that day).

  • Travel within SEQ (excluding third party fares) for the ceremony.

  • Priority booking for meetings (you get the first pick of available appointments).

  • Access to coffee/drink catch ups when I’m in town & invitations when I'm asked to bring clients to exclusive events.

  • The use of my PA system for up to 45 minutes after the wedding ceremony.

  • I’ll bring my custom designed, overkill, ultimate Ceremony PA system at no extra charge (if we need my bigger PA).

  • Annual and monthly caps on the number of Signature Packages to ensure I’m available and present for each couple that book this service.

  • I will complete and lodge the paperwork with the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages within 48 hours, and

  • A celebrant that is going to get to know you, invest in your wedding, care about you and the people in your life so that I can deliver the complete wedding experience for you.

Indicative fee range

The typical fee for a signature package is between $1,195 - $1,550.

Booking fee

For both packages I charge a booking fee of $400 which is credited towards the total fee.

The booking fee covers the cost of being in business and taking on each client which I have incurred up to this point. This is why it is the same for both packages, due up-front and is non-refundable.