Book a time for us to catch up

Please use the tool below to find a time in the next couple of months for us to catch up and start planning the structure of your ceremony.

It is my preference to do these catch ups in person with my signature ceremony clients (although I have included online options below if that’s your preference) so to maximise the chances of the three of us being able to meet in person all of my standard appointment times are listed below.

One of the perks of my signature package is that you can book further in advance than my other clients (they can only book meetings in the next three weeks - you get two months!) so you will find my greatest availability after 21 days. The other perk is that if you can’t find a suitable time below, please let me know and I’ll try my best to find a time that works for all three of us.

The email I sent you with the link to this page also had a link to the homework, but once you’ve found a time for us to catch up you can go straight to that page by using the button below.