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Peter is determined to bring his clients the exact wedding they want and deserve.

His main goal is to make sure your marriage kicks off with a ceremony that matches your style and ensure it sets the atmosphere for the rest of your wedding. He prides himself on getting to know his couples so it feels like a mate is marrying them.

Peter starts each and every ceremony script with a blank sheet of paper, allowing him to truly write a unique, meaningful ceremony that delivers exactly what you wanted for your wedding ceremony.

Having set the right atmosphere with an engaging ceremony, he is also available to ensure the rest of the day is next level by being the best wedding MC since Adam Sandler and making sure the music is on point with a kick-ass PA system, handling requests and ensuring venue regulations aren't breached (as well as making sure that Uncle John doesn't hijack the playlist and play Susie Quatro*).

*You and I both know this is far too specific to be fictional... 


Five Star review | easy weddings

The most important part of our wedding ceremony (besides getting hitched) was to feel comfortable... Peter achieved that without a doubt. Peter answered our email saying we wanted someone to hear our ideas and take it to another level... Peter jumped at the chance, proving to us that we made the best decision choosing him. We wanted different, we wanted unique, we wanted short and sweet. We were aiming for no yawning with our guests but instead we made everyone cry (yes even the big burly men). He truly made our experience memorable and we can't thanks him enough.

Fiona + Naomi | 27 April 2018 | Toowong Rowing Club

Why is Peter an amazing Celebrant?

Peter was always an unusual kid. It's no surprise that he turned into an unusual man. Not in a weird way, Pete's just difficult to put into a box and always has been. 

He was the class clown of the smart class, the captain of his hockey/soccer/volleyball/cricket/any-sport-with-a-ball team that also played in the school band and had a love of the arts. See - not weird, he just didn't really fit into any stereotype.

Peter was born to be a Celebrant. He often jokes that while it only took a few months to complete his qualification and achieve registration, it was (and will be) a lifetime of experiences in a professional & personal context that truly qualify him for the job. Whether it be the hundreds of gigs with his guitar in hand or the more than a decade he spent (laser pointer in hand) discussing investment strategies with clients; Peter was always been comfortable in front of a crowd.

Comfort leads to calm; and this is the first part of the equation of what makes Peter an amazing Celebrant.

His calmness from his very first word in front of you and your guests instantly cuts through any nerves, anxiety or tension that may be there and gets everyone ready to focus on the important bit, which is enjoying the ceremony and the rest of the wedding.

The other half of the equation of calm is being prepared.

Peter is a full time Celebrant that devotes almost every waking moment to improving his craft. Whether it be his ceremony delivery, testing the latest gadget to support his work or ensuring that his systems and processes remain robust so the client experience is seamless; Peter is always working on ways to improve the experience for you and your guests.

Photo: Fig Tree Wedding Photography
Couple: Crystal & Craig | 27 January 2018 | Sirromet Winery


Five Star Review | Facebook

"When my husband and I first turned our mind to finding our celebrant, we said we wanted a mate to marry us. And we found a mate in Pete. I cannot praise Pete enough. Leading up to our wedding, he became a fresh dad. Yet, Pete still made the effort to contact us, touch base and help us plan our wedding. Not to mention, Pete took the time to get to know us and create a ceremony which exemplified who we were as people. There was no stock standard option. On our wedding day, we had a slight mishap, but Pete (and his wife) did everything in their power to overcome this to get us married. Since, we’ve heard nothing but compliments about our ceremony. It was genuine and it was 100% us. We cannot thank Pete enough and look forward to seeing so many more photos of other couples that are lucky enough to be married by him."

Tiff + Blair | 5 May 2018 | Mantra on Salt, Kingscliff NSW


What are my ceremonies like?

I firmly believe that a great ceremony is the first part of a kick-ass wedding and your ceremony just can't be thought of as a stand-alone or unimportant part of your day. 

As the celebrant I’m the first interaction that your guests have with your wedding; I’m the first thing they see, I’m the first thing they hear, I control the legal part of your day, but I’m also a big part in giving the day it’s meaning.

We all intuitively know that boring and stale wedding ceremonies lead to dull cocktail hours and then a tough crowd for your MC and band/DJ to work with at the reception. I know from first hand experience that meaningful, original and inclusive ceremonies lead to the best weddings. This is why I put so much effort into getting to know my clients so that I can create truly meaningful ceremonies; because a ceremony that nails this for you and your guests can’t be faked or recycled week after week.

My goal is for every ceremony to be like an episode of Scrubs (well season 1-5 of scrubs - it wasn't as good after that). This means that there's an original script that is about 25 minutes long for each one, it has a few sweet moments, there are a few laughs along the way, yet it's serious when it needs to be.

When it comes to the ceremony itself, I see my role as being the warm up act for your vows - that’s what everyone is there to see. I don’t want to make a big deal of myself, I’m not going to be cheesy and I’m not going to pretend that I know you better than your family and friends - it’s not the Pete show.

What I am going to do is say some nice things about you based on what I’ve learned during our time together, from your answers to my questionnaire and what your friends and family say about you when I get the chance to meet them. I’ll focus in on the qualities that you demonstrate and that I admire and give examples through my favourite anecdotes from your story.

When it comes to having the best atmosphere for your wedding as a whole; you have to start the day off right with an engaging ceremony. So while you might consider me expensive as a celebrant (and I hear this a lot), when you consider the influence I have on the atmosphere whole day, I guarantee that I’m the lowest cost, highest impact choice that you can make on the atmosphere of your wedding.

Photo: Bliss Photography By Leah
Couple: Callum & Bek | 6 July 2018 | Maleny Botanic Gardens


Five Star Review | Facebook

Joel & I always wanted a celebrant who was going to reflect us as a couple - someone fun, someone we could really be ourselves around. When we met Pete at an expo we immediately knew he was our guy. We hit it off straight away and after our first meeting he already felt like an old friend.

Pete put so much heart into getting to know us (over many a beer might I add) and this reflected in our ceremony - filled with laughter and warmth... and a little bit unconventional! He made the whole process not only easy and stress free - but a whole barrel of fun. Our ceremony couldn’t have been more perfectly us and we can’t recommend Pete highly enough.

Anita + Joel | 14 July 2018 | Obi Obi hall, obi obi Qld

A celebrant that provides value

If you’ve enquired with a number of celebrants; no doubt you've realised there's a massive range in the fees that we charge. You can find a celebrant for $200, yet others will charge more than $2,000 (particularly if travel is involved). Personally, I charge a few hundred dollars more than the average celebrant and I don’t mind being up front about that.

That’s because I have no interest in competing with other celebrants on cost. Rather, I'd like to talk to you about the value of the service I provide to my clients.

The minimum requirements for a legal wedding are surprisingly few; a couple of pieces of paper, half a dozen odd sentences and two witnesses.

These minimal requirements may be a surprise given the serious nature of marriage, but personally, I love that the law has so few mandatory requirements. Because other than these few things, we have a lot of creative licence not only when it comes to planning the ceremony, but also, how the ceremony fits into your wedding day as a whole.

I specialise in in finding out what you and your fiancé value and what it is that the two of you want for your wedding. I then work with you to figure out the best way we can make this a reality, starting with a meaningful ceremony which sets the vibe that you want for your wedding and then whatever else I can do to make your day perfect.

Photo: Bonnie Jenkins
Couple: Anita + Joel | 14 July 2018 | Obi Obi Hall


An extract from a thank-you card

Thank you isn’t enough for all of the things that you did for us at our wedding. You went above and beyond to make sure our day was perfect and our ceremony was even more amazing than our wildest expectations.

Almost every entry in our guest book mentioned how amazing and how “us” the ceremony was and we’ve also had so many wonderful comments from everyone we’ve caught up with since the wedding. It really set the tone for the rest of our day and made for an outstanding night!

We also know that you were doing a lot in the background to ensure that our day went smoothly and we really can’t thank you enough for being so invested in us and our wedding.

We are so glad that we found you as without you our wedding wouldn’t have been the same.

Matt + Jacqui | 18 August 2018 | Intercontinental Sanctuary Cove | Celebrant + MC

What my clients value

I asked a number of past clients what it was that they valued about me and the way I go about things. This is what they said.

I’m yours for the day

When you hire me to be your celebrant, I'm yours for the day. I don't take multiple bookings on a day unless there's an exceptionally good reason for it.

There are a number of motivations for this, but the most important one is that I don't want to be rushed getting to your wedding and I don't want to rush you so that I can get to another wedding. I also believe that you deserve all of the attention, energy and emotion that I have to give on your wedding day and you shouldn't have to share that with other couples.

Not having to rush off means I can wait to sign the certificates and keep music playing through my PA until after all of the group photos have been taken, hell the photographer or your MC can even use my PA to coordinate the groups for the photos. It also gives me time to do a handoff to your co-ordinator and MC (generally over a beer).

I’m a full time celebrant

This is what I do, this is all that I do. I'm not doing your wedding to boost my holiday savings or as a side hustle. My clients are my number one work priority and I don’t have to try and juggle your wedding and our relationship around my day job. I am available to you when you need me, I’m fresh and ready to go on the big day and most importantly I can give you my undivided attention.

You won’t feel like a number or that you’re just another job

As well as only doing one wedding a day, I also have a cap on the maximum number of weddings that I will do each month and each year. This is to ensure that all of my clients get the best possible service, that I’m available when my clients need me and most importantly, I can spend more time getting to know each and every client so that I can nail their ceremony.

I value your relationships

Not only do I invest the time in getting to know you, I also want to get to know the important people in your life. Some of the most insightful moments of my ceremonies start with a conversation with your Brother, Maid of Honour or your MC. I make a point of trying to have dinner or a drink with you and your family and/or bridal party in the week or so before the wedding so that we can all get to know each other and establish some rapport before the wedding.

I play well with others

I reach out to all of the other vendors that I’ll be working with before your ceremony (particularly if it’s the first time we’re working together) so that we can have a game plan and they know what to expect from me on the day. I’m also happy to do what I can at the ceremony to make their jobs easier. Does the photographer need me out of the shot? Sure, no worries, they’ll use the agreed upon signal to let me know to move. Have a videographer? They can plug into my PA system to get a direct recording of your vows. Want your band to play you down the aisle? They can use my PA so that they don’t have to move their system.

and finally, as silly as it sounds…

how i actually CONDUCT a ceremony

I’m never going to claim that I’m reinventing what being a celebrant is, but there are a lot of things that I do differently in my ceremonies that my clients love including;

  • where I stand (off to the side at “point”) so that you can look at me without having your side (or back) to your guests.

  • that my default is not to tell your couple/love story, rather, I base my ceremonies around who you are and the qualities you demonstrate (by giving anecdotes). Because, if one of your guests doesn’t know your story - why the hell are they at your wedding?!?

  • that I stay out of (and in many cases literally bend over backwards to make sure that I’m not in) your important photos.

  • how I work with your photographer and/or videographer and signal them when I’m going to say something that will likely get a reaction which will be a great photo of one of you.

  • that (unless you tell me otherwise) I dress the part in high quality suits that won’t look cheap in the (few) photos that I’m in.

  • that my custom designed and built for purpose PA system kicks the ass of any other portable PA system (and most non-portable PA systems).

  • how I manage the regression and the exit of your bridal party & guests to ensure that the most important people get to congratulate you first.

  • that we sign the documents after the ceremony and photos for a better flow of the day.

Photo: Charlotte Curd
Couple: Cait & Brad | 28 April 2018 | Brisbane City Botanic Gardens


Five star review | Easy Weddings

"Peter made us feel comfortable and relaxed from the very beginning. He took the time to get to know us as a couple which shone through on our wedding day. Friends and family members assumed we had known him for years as he made the ceremony feel very personal. It was definitely not a 'cookie cut' ceremony. He is warm and friendly and so easy to talk to - definitely important when you're struggling to articulate your feelings and turn them into wedding vows. We would recommend Peter to anyone wanting a relaxed, easy going ceremony infused with a little humour."

Holly + Adam | 17 March 2018 | Cowbell Creek, Qld


Q: Can we book you if we don't have a date?

Technically no... but that doesn't mean we can't chat! 

This is because I won't take a booking fee or deposit for any services until a date and time has been agreed; so technically the answer is no. But, couples are increasingly picking their Dream-Team of suppliers before picking a date to ensure that they chose a date where the entire team is available. I am always happy to chat to people that are planning their wedding - even if they don't have a firm date just yet.

Q: Can we book you to be the MC or manage our Playlist at our wedding if you're not our celebrant?

Unfortunately, no. The Attorney General's Department (the agency that oversees Celebrants) takes potential conflicts of interest very seriously. The core of my policy to avoid potential conflicts is that the additional services (as I call them) are only available to couples that have booked me as their Celebrant.

Q: I see you play guitar, can we book you to be a musician too?

It's not one of my standard offerings as honestly there are far better musicians out there who are available at very competitive rates. 

But, If you've decided not to have a musician and you would like me to sing you down the aisle, or sing a special song (i.e. first dance) at the reception instead of using a recorded version I'm more than happy to do that if you're ok with my "not terrible*" guitar playing and vocals that are "roughly in-tune*".

* This is how my parent's long-term neighbour described my musical abilities after my wife and I sang at our wedding. I think this is the biggest complement I have received from him in 25+ years.

Q: Your fee as a celebrant is about a week's full time wage, does that mean you spend a week working on us?

Yes, in fact more often than not I'll spend much longer working on your wedding. While a proportion of my fee goes to maintaining equipment, marketing and other overheads of the business, by far the largest component of my fee is the time I spend with you and working on your wedding.

I'm a full-time celebrant and I pride myself on creating unique and meaningful ceremonies for each of my clients that are tailored to their your wishes. To achieve this goal I have to get to know them really, really well. The standard full-time working week (about 38 hours) is really not a lot of time to get to know the two of you well enough to write a script from a blank sheet of paper, respond to your emails & questions, complete the paperwork, absorb source material and coordinate with your other vendors.

You may think that a "week" is a lot of time to produce a 25 minute ceremony. But it's probably 25 of the most important minutes of your life. Why would you want your celebrant to spend any less than a "week" ensuring that these few minutes that you've been thinking about for years is perfect.

Photo: Evernew Studio
Couple: Matt & Jacqui | 18 August 2018 | Intercontinental Sanctuary Cove

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