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My name is Peter and I’m determined to bring you the exact wedding that you want and deserve.

First and foremost, I am a celebrant and there’s a core legal function to what I do. However, the way I see it, my main role is to set the tone for the day from the very first interaction your guests have with your wedding.

During the ceremony, I’ll create an atmosphere where you and your guests are relaxed, engaged and excited to celebrate your marriage at the party to come. I do this by finding out who you are, and what you care about, so that I can create a ceremony that truely reflects who you are and is engaging, meaningful, full of laughter and warmth while ensuring the content is relevant.

I’m then also available to ensure the rest of the day is next level and that the energy we created with the ceremony carries on long into the night by being your MC and making sure the music is on point with a kick-ass PA system, where I’ll also handle requests and ensure venue regulations aren't breached (as well as making sure that Uncle John doesn't hijack the playlist and play Susie Quatro*).

*You and I both know this is far too specific to be fictional... 

Photo: Fig Tree Wedding Photography


Five Star Review | Facebook

“Joel & I always wanted a celebrant who was going to reflect us as a couple - someone fun, someone we could really be ourselves around. When we met Pete at an expo we immediately knew he was our guy. We hit it off straight away and after our first meeting he already felt like an old friend.

Pete put so much heart into getting to know us (over many a beer might I add) and this reflected in our ceremony - filled with laughter and warmth... and a little bit unconventional! He made the whole process not only easy and stress free - but a whole barrel of fun. Our ceremony couldn’t have been more perfectly us and we can’t recommend Pete highly enough.”

Anita + Joel | 14 July 2018 | Obi Obi hall, obi obi Qld


What are my ceremonies like?

A great ceremony should be the first part of a kick-ass wedding; not the bit of the day that everyone has to suffer through before getting on with the party. That’s why I like to make every ceremony like an episode of Scrubs (well season 1-5 of scrubs - it wasn't as good after that).

This means that there's an original script that is about 20 minutes long, it has a few sweet moments, there are a few laughs along the way, but it's serious when it needs to be. This is why I put an emphasis on getting to know my clients so that I can create truly unique and engaging ceremonies that mean something to you and your guests; because, these types of ceremonies can’t be faked or recycled week after week.

On the day itself, I see my role as being the warm up act for your vows - that’s what everyone is there to see. I don’t want to make a big deal of myself, I’m not going to be cheesy and I’m not going to pretend that I know you better than your family and friends - it’s not the Pete show.

What I am going to do is say some nice things about you based on what I’ve learned during our time together. I’ll focus in on the qualities that you demonstrate and that are worthy of admiration and then give examples of these qualities through anecdotes from your story. This is a fresh and engaging approach for wedding ceremonies that creates an amazing vibe; because its easy for your guests to relate and connect with with what I’m saying, rather than just listening to me recite the story of what happened between the day you met and your wedding day.

If you’d like to see the kind of vibes I create with my ceremonies and how this works, you can check out some videos from past weddings using the button below.

Photo: Bliss Photography By Leah
Couple: Callum & Bek | 6 July 2018 | Maleny Botanic Gardens


Five Star review | easy weddings

“The most important part of our wedding ceremony (besides getting hitched) was to feel comfortable... Peter achieved that without a doubt. Peter answered our email saying we wanted someone to hear our ideas and take it to another level... Peter jumped at the chance, proving to us that we made the best decision choosing him. We wanted different, we wanted unique, we wanted short and sweet. We were aiming for no yawning with our guests but instead we made everyone cry (yes even the big burly men). He truly made our experience memorable and we can't thank him enough.”

Fiona + Naomi | 27 April 2018 | Toowong Rowing Club

How can I make your wedding, “your wedding”?

I specialise in in finding out what you and your fiancé care about and what it is that the two of you want for your wedding. I then work with you to figure out the best way we can make this a reality (don’t worry, I’ll do most of the work).

I’ll do this by drawing out of you any little touches, key phrases, rituals, themes, stories or anything else that you’d like to incorporate into your wedding ceremony that a will make the day that much more meaningful for you and your guests.

We can do this in a traditional within ceremony structure, or you may want to throw out the notion of a traditional ceremony completely. Either way, we’ll sit down, have a conversation about what you want and then I’ll guide you through your options to truly make your wedding, “your wedding”.

Photo: Bonnie Jenkins
Couple: Anita + Joel | 14 July 2018 | Obi Obi Hall


Five star review | Facebook

“Pete was incredible!

We had no idea what we were looking for when we started searching for a Celebrant but as soon as we saw Pete we knew we had found the right one. So easy going, fun, and just all round friendly.

The most important thing for us was to have someone who made us feel comfortable and someone who would tell our story and that's exactly what we got. Our guests raved about our ceremony and how beautiful it was. If we ever had to do this again (God forbid) we would be calling Pete up straight away!!”

Sassa & Stephen | 14 April 2018 | Cedar Creek Lodges, Qld



First & foremost, before anything else I'm a Celebrant. I love creating meaningful ceremonies and amazing memories. It's what gets me out of bed in the morning and why I love my job. Every wedding ceremony starts with a blank page and a few laughs over a coffee or a drink. The three of us will sit down down and have a conversation about what your ideal wedding ceremony looks like. 

Cocktail Hour Music / PA Hire

After the ceremony, with everyone on a high the most important thing is to keep the momentum we built during the ceremony. You've brought the lawn games, definitely lined up the canapé's and drinks so let me look after the music. Whether it be a playlist, a stripped back acoustic set by your band or you want a friend to play some tunes; I’ll look after it.

Master of Ceremonies

Most people think that the MC’s job is to introduce speeches. It is, but that’s a fraction of the job. Your MC is the go-between, your unsung hero and the person that’s working hardest to make sure your wedding is running on time and smoothly. This is one of the most critical roles on the night and many couples are choosing to hire a professional rather than burdening a friend with this task. This way you and your guests can sit back, relax and enjoy the party that you spent months, sometimes years planning.

PA Hire & Management

An increasing number of couples are deciding to curate their own playlist for their wedding or want to have the option of having a friend play a few songs or (and this has happened) have a band reunion during the night. To do this you need a PA system, insurance policies and someone to run it. You also need someone to stop Uncle John from hijacking the playlist, who will handle requests and respond to the vibe of the room.

Tabletop Ceremony

Something you may not have considered if you're looking for options other than a traditional wedding ceremony is a "tabletop" ceremony. If a big wedding ceremony isn't for you, why not book out a restaurant, invite your friends & family to lunch or dinner and get married between mains and desert?

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Photo: Jess Marks Photography
Couple: Shanna & James | 29 September 2019 | Spicer’s Hidden Vale

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Five Star Review | Easy Weddings

"Absolutely Amazing! Was like a best friend from the day we met at the wedding expo! He has been an absolute godsend for advice, mentoring and just being a straight up awesome guy! He made the ceremony so personal and we want to get married again just to have him do it!"

Shannon & Josh | 19 September 2018 | Corronation hall, SOmmerset Dam, Queensland

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